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Mission Statement -

     To be the preeminent credit repair company by providing to our clients a proactive and cost-efficient approach that is accentuated with  an impassioned focus on customer service. Our philosophies are championed by skilled and knowledgeable individuals who serve our clients with respect, appreciation and confidentiality. 



          "Remember that credit is money."

                         - Benjamin Franklin



If you're like tens of millions of others, you've learned the hard way that Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about in his simple quote, even back in the 1780s. While the premise of Mr Franklin's statement hasn't changed, the concept of credit has and the necessity to maintain a positive credit profile has never been more vital to our everyday lives.

Not only do we face the persistent challenge of maintaining a positive credit report during turbulenent economic times, we also now have the ever present threat of our credit reports falling victim to those out to steal our identities.

Additionally, given the hundreds of millions that will face divorce, job loss or serious illness, the adage "bad things happen to good folks" rings true far too often.

Events such as these open up our credit reports to countless errors and omissions, capable of lowering a person's credit score by dozens of points. Although there are laws written to protect our rights, there is an unfortunately low level of enforcement resulting in the consumer being largely responsible for defending and protecting themselves.

At Pegasus, we assume these responsibilities for you, and help put you back on track to financial freedom and independence. 

To find out more, please contact us now at or 888.HELP.795.    

Client Corner


"Thank you Pegasus Credit Repair! You helped raise my credit scores over 100 points! Now I can buy a house for myself and my kids. Thank you!"

                    Molly - Tampa, FL



 "Wow! You really did it! With your help I now have the freedom to go find the job I really want. Thanks Pegasus!"

                     Jon - Amarillo, TX



"We didn't think there was any hope of repairing our credit after our bankruptcy. Thank you for proving us wrong! We now have the credit scores we need to live the life we want to live."

                      Patrick - Dallas, TX